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A Little About Us

Louise Ann Munro and Sherill Turner met while working in a restaurant in their home town of Romford, Essex. Soon after, Louise toured the UK with Dracula and Sherill moved to Los Angeles and then New York (Skype comes in very handy when writing in different time zones!). During the short time they served pizza together, everyone would mix them up – which inspired them to write a feature film, Double the Odds. Their shared passion for writing quirky comedy and comedy-dramas led to them writing more film scripts together. The next step was just to make them, so in 2017 It's a Funny Life Films was born! Together Sherill and Louise wrote and produced the hugely successful short comedies Mind F*#k and Mumatar (which can now be watched on Disney+). In 2022 Sherill set of on another adventure to have a family, but don't fear we're still here making movies! And now showcasing other filmmakers funny films too! Louise is now joined by Marcus Kai and together on 22nd October 2022 they are running the first ever Funny Life Film Festival. We hope to see you there!

Our Work:
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Mumatar can now be watched on 

                                (From 7th September 2022)


In 2020 Louise teamed up with actor Jack Loy to create the short comedy action film 'Don't Fight It' to raise money for the charity Movember.


You can watch 'Don't Fight It' now on youtube by clicking on the poster above. 

We hope it makes you giggle!


At It's a Funny Life Films, we love to swap funny stories! Please contact us directly or chat with us on social media.

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